David Chan PREC* - One Percent Realty Ltd.
Direct Line: (604) 805-2197    


I'm currently out of town.

Kindly contact my good friend:


Robert Lee at 604-908-4522

for your real estate need.


Thank you and wishing you a good day!  



In business, dragons are honest and straightforward. Too straightforward, perhaps, as dragons are not known to suffer fools gladly. At the very least, they will always let you know where you stand, and can be relied upon to be always forthright in financial dealings.

Dragons are equally dynamic in love, and their passionate attentions will sweep any object of their affection quickly off their feet. Yet, once settled in a domestic relationship, dragons are usually steadfast and true, and grateful to have a quiet place to cool their fiery natures.

Dragons may also reveal a surprisingly tender heart to confidantes, and as trusted friends no more generous companions can be found than loyal dragons.

Cross them, however, and woe to those who have experienced a tongue-lashing from these hot-headed creatures!  






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