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I bring 30-plus years experience selling residential real estate as well as two years as a commercial banker at a Canadian Chartered bank.  In 2003, I was appointed by the Calgary Mayor's Office to sit on Assessment Review Board as a justice rendering equitable decisions on citizens' property assessment complaints.  

So, does it really cost that much money to sell a property? Does the effort a salesperson puts in the sale of the property really warrant him or her earning that much money? I think not.

To sell a real estate property, you need to do two things. Firstly, you need to price it correctly. You do not want to help your competition sell their properties before you do.

When selling your property, you also need to make it presentable to your prospective buyer. Just take a look at how new homes are presented to the buyers you will understand what you need to do to present your property to your buyer. Even though you may have your heart and soul in your home, you are selling a 'house' – mortar and bricks. Your buyer is buying a 'home' even though he is actually buying mortar and bricks. My expertise is in keeping these realities in perspective.

As long as your property is correctly priced and kept it in good and presentable condition, your property will sell. And it shouldn’t cost you tens of thousands of dollars to sell it either.

You may have noticed I use a lot of photographs to present my listings. I also employ Virtual Tours to give the buyers a first glimpse of what the property looks like. Today’s buyers and sellers are very busy. A buyer does not want to sit through the traffic to come to see a home that is not suitable to his or her needs. A seller, likewise, doesn’t want to drop everything and hurry to 'tidy up' just to show the property to a buyer who may not be remotely interested in the home. A Virtual Tour offers the buyers the advantage of looking at the home before he or she gets into the car. A Virtual Tour also saves the sellers time.

When you list your property with me, you pay a flat fee of 1% on the sale price plus $950 incidental cost. The incidental costs include the MLS fee, documentation fee, advertising, etc. With properties that sold for less than $700,000, you pay a total of only $7,950.  And there is no hidden cost. 

What you receive from me are as follows:

  1. Your property listed on the Multiple Listings Service (MLS)
  2. Open house, signage and showings
  3. Internet exposure on www.realtor.ca , www.realtylink.org , www.onepercentrealty.com , www.point2homes.com.
  4. Responding to consumer and realtor inquiries
  5. Showing the property to prospective buyers
  6. Keeping you informed of all progress
  7. Reviewing Contract of Purchase and Sale submitted for your consideration
  8. And, my experience in marketing and my seasoned negotiation skills

Feel free to give me a call at my direct line: 604-805-2197. I offer you my knowledge that has been accumulated during years of experience. This knowledge has been grown through years of dedicated service and you are the beneficiary. Your one percent pays for on the spot, at the critical moment; precise and competent negotiation.

Let’s not delay; let’s get your business done.



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