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David Chan of One Percent Realty


In preparing for retirement, I had a rental house to sell (with long term tenants not keen to move) and was aware of One Percent Realty.  From the realty web site I reviewed the agents and decided to select David due to his experience, master medallion awards, and testimonials.

The house was listed on a Thursday with a showing time planned for Saturday afternoon.  From Friday morning to Saturday afternoon David was able to book 9 perspective buyers which resulted in multiple offers on Sunday.  While pursuing an original offer, David still kept showing the house early the next week with more interest generated.  By the following Friday (6 days after the original showing) the house was sold for over asking price and all subject clauses had been removed.

I found David to be calm, patient, intelligent, and always presented realistic expectations.  He is a good communicator and team player, effective at booking appointments and excels at negotiating/sales.  In my case, David exceeded my best expections and I give him a solid A+ rating.

Yours truly,

Eric Meyer, Faculty Member
Douglas College
Faculty of Commerce and Business
Computing Studies and Information Systems



It is with pleasure and completely of my own accord that I write a few comments following the marketing of our family home and the purchase of another with the support of David Chan.

David is an intelligent and very forthright person and while interviewing him, along with other realtors to decide with whom to market our home, I had an immediate liking and appreciation of his considerable skills, all of which would come into play in the marketing our home.  David speaks from a sound base of knowledge about housing market conditions in general and specifically, with respect to our area in Richmond, B.C.  He is not the type of agent to say things he thinks you want to hear. He is frank, honest and speaks about the situation as he sees it.

Selling and buying homes can be stressful. So experience with the ups and downs of the process is invaluable and David brings this experience to your project.  David also has a sense of humour. This is a most important personal characteristic in the ebb and flow of home marketing.

To sum up! David Chan is a competent, experienced and supportive person to have in your corner in selling or buying a home. I could not recommend him more highly to anyone considering such a move..

I would make myself available to speak more on this subject if that should be of interest to the reader.

Yours truly,

Robert B. Bucher
President  & Chief Executive Officer (Retired)
Pacific Blue Cross/BC Life & Casulty Co. 




One Percent's David Chan is a MASTER negotiator, second to none!  If you're selling your home, you'll want this very experienced professional working for you, in ANY market!  This was the most seamless, satisfying real estate transaction of my life.  Extremely grateful.

Val Russell



David Chan is the smartest, most efficient, most straight forward and affordable realtor I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and working with, and the thousands I saved on commission (by choosing 1%) was icing on the cake.

I am definitely not the easiest person to work with, but David has an affable, no-nonsense approach that I trusted immediately.  He made me feel as if I was his only client, answering his phone at all hours and responding almost immediately to emails and texts.

For reasons that had nothing to do with David, I initially wound up pulling my house off the market right after receiving a very good offer.  Nevertheless, David was happy to represent me again when I decided to re-list about 8 months later.  My house sold within a couple weeks, and for well above what I believed the market would bear.  I'm so glad I called him, and even gladder that I took his advice!

Christine Lydon, MD, JD




Discovering" David was purely accidental.  I got a flyer from One Percent Realty (not David's) and when I saw that they are only charging 1% commission, I told myself that I would hire someone from One Percent to work for us when we're ready to sell our house.  At that time, my husband and I were so close to completing our home renovations.  A few days later, out of curiosity, I "googled" One Percent Realty and the first link that came up was the link to David's website.  The heading was quite catchy so I read on.  The approach made sense to me and I talked to my husband about it.  As soon as I got my spouse's buy-in, I phoned David and the rest is history.

David exceeded our expectations on real estate agents.  Having dealt with other realtors before, we clearly saw how different he is from the pack.  He works hard to ensure that his clients get a fair deal either in buying or selling a property.  He always has time to provide us with answers and clarifications on issues that concern us.  Very important thing ---- NOT ONCE did he pressure us on something that would work more to his advantage.  David is very patient, honest, reliable, funny, down-to-earth and sincere in helping us find the right home for us.  Sounds too good to be true?  Well, he really is.  :)

Our buying and selling experience with David is by far the most enjoyable one.  We're very glad to have him as our realtor and would definitely recommend him to our families and friends.  Keep up the good work David!

Nilo and Nancy Miranda




I looked up "One Percent Realty" on the internet to find a realtor who was competent and successful and who was familiar with houses sales in the Richmond/Steveston area.  My Mom was wanting to put her house up for sale but she was not willing to pay the high commission costs that other realtors were charging.  We called David and told him that we were going to call him first.  He said, "No, you call me, only."  And he was right.  We only needed him.  He was great!  He really understood our needs.  He was so funny and we laughed a lot.  His concern was to make the selling of my Mom's house as stress-free as possible for her and for me.  He also wanted to get the best price possible for her home.  Though he listed it at a higher price than what other realtors had suggested, he still was able to bring in multiple offers.  In the end, my Mom got a great price for the sale of her Home and we are more than happy with the great work that David Chan did for us.  He really exceeded our expectations.

Grace Hopgood & Beth Beeson


We met David outside of the local video store.  We were locked out of our car and David offered assistance.  We got to talking and as coincidence would have it, we were looking for a house and he was a realtor.  We had been looking at houses with at least 3 other realtors with no luck.  (We weren't all that happy with the service of two of them.)  We wanted to return the favour to David and decided to look at houses with him.  We met with him for an hour at our home and filled him in on our needs and wants.  He found us our dream home for about 3% more than we thought we qualified for and he made it work.  We like David's honest and direct manner.  His professionalism made us proud to have him represent us as our agent.  He led us through the many steps of the buying process with hardly a glitch.  The small issues that came up were handled promptly and correctly.  We think he is a real gem!

Dean & Lynn Ellerman


We first met David through an elder at our church.  Our first impression of him was we were unsure.  We thought he was a bit abrupt and he didn't say the things we expected to hear from a realtor.  As time went by, we changed our minds about him.  We found David to be a very honest and thoughtful person.  He didn't pander to us but we know he really cared about us.  David showed us more than 30 houses and never pressured us into buying anything.  On the house we finally bought, David got us a lower price than we thought we had to pay.  Our experience with David was very good and very happy.  We also listed our house through him and he sold it for us.  Now we know why our church elder recommended him to us.  David is a good man.

Joe Wang & Xiao Zhan


I'm currenting working outside of Canada and my condo had just completed and I wasn't going to be able to use it so I needed someone to sell it for me.  Usually it's easy to pick up a phone or drop by a real estate office and talk with a couple of people and figure out who is capable of selling your home and who you can trust.  For me it was a bit harder because all I had was email to work with.  The phone would have cost me a fortune so I emailed dozens of people.  Most of the responses were like mandatory health question answers ... they didn't lead me to believe that I was talking with a person of substance.  Finally I received a response from David.  It had everything I asked for and more.  What I wanted to know, useful information to think about, and what we can do to sell my home.  I had expressed to David that I wanted to sell quickly and I wanted a good return; what everybody wants of course.  David delieverd what I wanted and what he told me he would do. I don't want to mention any names but the agent that was responsible for the initial sale of all the units in my building told me that I would get about $20,000 less for my unit than what David sold it for.  Wow, and I thought that person knew the market in that area!  That would have been a hard lesson to learn.  I feel that I got my money's worth and more from working with David.  I'll definitely look for his expertise in the future.  Next time I'm in Canada I really have to take him out for a coffee.  Thanks David.

Kirk Behan
ECO Developments, Samui, Thailand


Wow, eight days on the market and five offers!  Dave's marketing strategy brought us a lot of traffic during our open house and this resulted in my selling my place at full asking price within eight days of its going on market.  On top of all this outstanding service, I also saved commission of more than $7,000.  I will recommend Dave to my friends without any hesitation, as he is guaranteed to provide efficient and top-notch service.

Andrew & Fenny Chen


My mom wanted to sell her home and wanted my help to find a good realtor.  I had a very positive experience with One Percent Realty in the past, and recommended to my mom.  Since my mom doesn't understand English very well, I wanted a realtor that can also speak Chinese.  I came across David Chan on the One Percent Realty website.  I followed the link to David's website, and was impressed with his philosophy and experience in the real estate market.  David came over and provided market analysis of the area.  From the analysis, we agreed on the asking price.  Selling a home is no secret.  The two important factors are price and presentation.  A home which is priced right would sell in any market condition.  It is the smoothest deal I had experienced.  David is a good guy.  He is honest, straight forward, ethical, and treats everyone with mutual respect.  I highly recommend David Chan to buy or sell a home.

William Lee



I had David's flyer on my fridge for months and when we decided to sell our home we chose One Percent Realty.  The fees are so realistic to today's world.  I mean, people know what area they want to live in and with the internet, most people have already decided what they want before they phone the realtor.  If you're selling, why would you pay an exuberant commission?  So we phoned David and we felt at ease as soon as we met him.  He felt the same about the fees other realtors charge.  I think he makes more money because he sells more homes.

Scott and Betty Holmes


I have always subscribed to the notion that "you get what you pay for" and was therefore hesitant to consider listing our home with anyone other than a conventional real estate company.  I became intrigued by the straightforward approach David Chan had taken on a brochure that appeared in our mailbox one day.  When I first made contact with him to inquire about the One Percent concept, his direct approach came across as blunt and no-nonsense, something I was not quite prepared for.  We were still considering our options when he came by our home on a Saturday evening.  We were impressed with his work ethic (after all, it was late on a Saturday!) and conviction about one percent approach and listed with him that evening.  Not only did David make us believers in the one percent concept, we saved over $7,000 and most importantly we grew to regard David as a friend.  We sold within three weeks and David's real estate experience and integrity became evident very quickly.  My only regret is I wish I had other properties to list with him.

Roland and Colette Boily 


I became aware of David Chan through one of his flyers: a simple black and white photocopied affair.  I was intrigued enough to visit his website and was taken aback by the pragmatic content; information that was useful to someone interested in buying or selling property.  "Here is a straightforward agent," I said to myself, and tucked away his flyer.  A year later I contacted David for an assessment - he came over the next day.  I told him I wanted to sell, and he told me how it was going to happen.  I felt we were in accord on everything from the strategy to the asking price, so I chose him as my realtor - a wise choice, as the property sold two weeks later for more than the listing!  You might wonder what you're missing by choosing David and his lower commission, and I'll tell what it is: flash.  You won't get the flashy suit and car.  What you will get is a MLS listing, 360 degree tour, and David's wealth of information and attention.  Personally, I don't see how the experience could be any smoother or effective.

Patrick Love








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